Short Stories from Thinking Lola: Interstellar Flights

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The only reason was I attempting for that moment was the light, of course. Was the light…

– Hi, it’s me -I phoned her-.
– […]
– Hey, are you there?
– Yes, I’m here… John.
– It’s been so long… -I smiled-. Hum, I wanted to tell you something important: I could be calling you from Bolivia now but I am not. A few years ago I had a great opportunity to go study medecine there, and I wanted to go not because of me, but because I thought that study medecine was the conexion with you. I was partially wrong but that life really exists, and maybe now I am calling you from there. Maybe I already did it, or I will I don’t know. There is also another life where I decided to stay with you after living in the alps, and another one where I’ve never leave you, until today. Even one in wich I had never met you. But if I’m here and not in these other lives is because I decided to follow the path that leads me to understand that I didn’t need to choose, because we can only choose in a relative way. You must know that I’m still looking for the key, and the secret is the time. You must know that the end doesn’t exist and trust me, I’ve already found it in another moment far away. I just come now to tell you that I’m happy to have met you. I’ve always been happy, and I just wanted to thank you.
– John…
– See you, Laura.

[I couldn’t say in wich exactly moment this call took place, I’m confused about my lifetime. I don’t really know when I am but this is not important, It’s been a while since I learned to think without thinking about time, and I am going to show you how.]

This short story was written by Thinking Lola

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